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Showing results 1 to 6 of 6 Xbox Live Leaderboard
Rank User Name Gamertag, Gamecard & Avatar Gamerscore Games Played Connect
Rank: 1 1st bondja bondja 32880 Borderlands 2 LEGO Star Wars: TCS Spelunky Peggle Bejeweled 2 Send bondja a message Add bondja to your friends list
Rank: 2 2nd blueracer66 subdreamer 28500 Gears of War Left 4 Dead 2 DiRT Showdown American Nightmare Red Dead Redemption Send subdreamer a message Add subdreamer to your friends list
Rank: 3 3rd Darthinflux darthinflux 22457 FIFA 14 Assassin's Creed II Darksiders II Spartacus Legends American Nightmare Send darthinflux a message Add darthinflux to your friends list
4th BattlefieldJoe97 Byakugan Spy 17465 Alan Wake Lost Odyssey Perfect Dark Zero GAROU MOW DEADLY PREMONITION Send Byakugan Spy a message Add Byakugan Spy to your friends list
5th Ghost HairlessBeard 11785   Send HairlessBeard a message Add HairlessBeard to your friends list
6th Shimbo ShimboSuzuki 1275 The Walking Dead Aegis Wing Gears of War Mass Effect 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Send ShimboSuzuki a message Add ShimboSuzuki to your friends list

Xbox Live Leaderboard Statistics
Combined Statistics High Gamerscores Top Gamerpics Popular Games
4Gold Accounts
2Silver Accounts
114,362Total Gamerscore
167Games Played

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Gamerpic Gamerpic Gamerpic Gamerpic Gamerpic Gamerpic Halo: Reach: By 7 players Halo 3: By 7 players Modern WarfareŽ 2: By 6 players NINJA GAIDEN 2: By 4 players Borderlands 2: By 3 players Gears of War: By 3 players Call of Duty Black Ops: By 3 players Halo Waypoint: By 3 players Alan Wake: By 3 players American Nightmare: By 3 players Minecraft: By 3 players FINAL FANTASY XIII: By 3 players

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