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Thread Description:PlayStation 3 Review

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Old August 14, 2010
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PlayStation 3 Red Dead Redemption

Western themed video games have always been hit and miss with regards to popularity. However, one that had players raving was Red Dead Revolver. A few years have passed, and now the second installment of the game has been released, Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption has an entirely new story and a new protagonist.

Red Dead Redemption

Originally Posted by Matt Smith, XboxLiveGamers.com
Story does a great job of building up to multiple climaxes. Varied and always-fun story missions. Loads of optional activities and challenges. Superb cast of memorable characters. Good number of enjoyable multiplayer options. Great replayability value.

Limited character multiplayer customization options. Infrequent but noticeable bugs.
The story takes place in the early 1900’s. John Marston is a man who recently undertook the quiet life after years of being an outlaw. He turned himself straight several years ago after his fellow gang members left him for dead. John has now transformed himself into a loving husband and father. He now enjoys peaceful days with his new family.

Unfortunately, his past eventually catches up to him. Federal Agents confront John one day. They tell him to hunt down the members of his former gang, or else lose his family forever.

Red Dead Redemption

To hunt these outlaws, John must embark on a journey across open plains, vast mountain ranges, bustling towns, and more. The game is an open world and you can literally go wherever you want. There are dozens of things to do aside from the main quest. Herd some cattle, break some horses, run fetch errands for some farmers, etc. Perhaps you want to take the noble route and hunt down a bunch of thieves, or protect a train from robbers, or maybe even rescue someone whose been kidnapped. You can hunt grizzly bears, coyotes, cougars, etc. If you’re a survivalist, you can collect local flora. If you’re feeling righteous, you can ride into town and beat the snot out of drunks and abusive bar patrons. If you need a break from trail blazing, you can sit in the saloon and gamble.

You can of course go the less noble route and shoot some innocent bystanders, fight random people, commit robberies, etc. However, all of your actions are recorded in an Honor system. There is also a Fame system. Depending on your actions, people will react differently to you. If the people like you for your good morals, you may get some discounts at the local shop. If people loathe you for your terrible actions, people may rise up against you and try to kill you.

John has a variety of weapons at his disposal: six shooters, repeaters, shotguns, sniper rifles, knives, explosives and of course his fists! John also makes use of a lasso. While he can use this to round up animals, he can also use it to catch and hog tie his enemies.

Gun fights are realistic and epic. Head shots explode the brains, shoulder shots pummel the enemies backwards, and leg shots disable your foes and leave them on the ground where they drag themselves along in agony. Dead Eye mode is available in this game. It is the same thing found in the previous game. Activation of Dead Eye puts the game in a slow motion where you can quickly target various enemies or various limbs! This makes for a quick death of your foes.

Traveling across an open world can take forever by foot. This is why you have the ability to ride horses. Horses make for fast travel and they also aid you in gun fights, especially when you’re the one being chased. Your horse can be injured and eventually die. But that’s okay; you can just take someone else’s horse. Just kidding. You should really buy a new horse.

The controls are fluid and easily managed. Controlling John through a gun fight is a breeze and not at all confusing. The horse controls are probably the most responsive of any horse controls in any game. If you approach an obstacle, your horse will jump over it rather than crash into it. However, if you try to ride off a cliff, you both will fall to your death!

The environments of Red Dead Redemption are vast and full of detail. Dust blasts up as you race across a trail. Bullets zipping by your ears sound realistic. The wildlife is active and reacts to your presence. Thunderstorms can be heard in the distance as well as the passing trains. The beauty of the Wild West is captured with vibrant colors and graphics that look so realistic you will feel that you are immersed right in the world of John Marston. You will be pleased by the various cinematic scenes and various cut scenes.

The voice dialogue is well done. The quirky town’s people, shady salesmen, corrupt officials, bandits, thieves, etc… all sound like they came right out of a western flick. The musical score and background music is right on the mark as well. It goes with the theme of the game perfectly.

The main story of the single player game takes about 20 hours to complete. But that isn’t counting the hundreds of other things you can do aside from the main quest. All together this game will give you many hours of enjoyment.

There isn’t just a single player campaign. Players can also enjoy a competitive multiplayer mode where they can engage in death matches and shoot outs with each other. There is also a Free Roam multiplayer mode where players can team up and travel the same open world map found in the single campaign. Here you can form a posse and hunt down bandits, or become bandits yourself! Various missions are available, each with its own rewards such as: upgrades, new characters, and new mounts.

Ratings for Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
  • Gameplay: 9.5/10
  • Graphics: 9.5/10
  • Audio: 10/10
  • Longetivity: 9/10
  • Innovation: 9/10
  • Final Score: 9.5/10
I can’t recommend Red Dead Redemption enough. It is a nearly flawless game. There is so much to do in the single player campaign and the multiplayer is so much fun. -Nelson, AllConsoleGamers.com

Review © 2010 AllConsoleGamers™ All rights reserved.
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Old January 3, 2011
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Gaming Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is such a fantastic and expansive game that will keep you playing for days. It has impressive graphics, great gameplay mechanics, award-winning voice acting, and an outstanding soundtrack.

RDR felt short in our "The Top 10 Best Video Games of 2010" (it was 3rd in that list). However, I can honestly say that this is game "a must have" and you should buy it or download it from Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store or at least borrow it and give it a try. You will fall in love with it! I know I did!

What are your thoughts about Red Dead Redemption?


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