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Retro Are you old school? Talk about legacy games.

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August 21, 2012 until December 31, 2098
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Welcome to AllConsoleGamers

Hello there. Please make sure to follow the rules and read our FAQ if you need help using our site.

Our story...

Over a year ago a rogue administrator completely wiped out the entire content of our website which made us extremely sad. I think I even cried a bit. We were forced to go offline for almost 24 months. Now we're back!

So, what happened?

We have no idea! One day out of nowhere this person decided to betray our trust and deleted all the website's data. We we're pretty bummed about it and closed the site until today.

So... Now what?

Now we rebuild, baby! We're re-organizing the forums and the website team. Only Ashley and I remain as website administrators. However, we are now looking for exciting new people to joining our team. This time we will be making sure this situation doesn't repeat itself. Ever.

We'll be looking for individuals with current or prior gaming experience and with at least a popular website or blog.


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